Counselling Tools are a Revolutionary New Concept which summarize and synthesize thousands of research studies... hundreds of books... tapes... videos... seminars... and the teachings of ALL the World`s Leading Peaceful  Religions into easy-to-understand, read, and use flip-chart-like "Counselling Tools" or "Teaching Models".

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Counselling Tools

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*HAPPINESS (HAPPINESS)   Comes from Within: Teaching Model (Blatter, 2003).  One (1) oversized 11" x 17" page, $10.  Clearly highlights and spells out the individual components of HAPPINESS  as synthesized from a worldwide search of all the literature and research on HAPPINESS, including books... tapes... seminars... ALL religions.  For a preview go to:  www.HappinessStressandSuccess.com



*Stress Management: HAD BAD experience Teaching Models (Blatter, 2003/ 2004)  Six (6) pages, $10.  Grief... Bereavement... Loss... Mourning... Emotional Pain and/or Trauma... anything that makes YOU unhappy provokes the "Stages of Grief" growth process. Unfortunately some people stagnate or regress rather than grow, this leads to bitterness, depression... or worse.

The HAD BAD experience Teaching Models teach you (or your clients/ patients) the potential toxicity of even small, accumulated (dis)Stress events, and how negative (dis)Stress can actually be converted into POSITIVE ENERGY in order to GROW and IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.  For a preview go to: www.HADBAD.com


Self-Esteem/ Self-Image

*Self-Esteem/ Self-Worth Continuum (Blatter, 2004) One (1) page, $5. This clear and concise one-page resumé of Personality Profile Research clearly illustrates the Cause-Effect relationship of Healthy LOVE vs personality disorders and what YOU can do to improve YOUR situation and Perception. This Counselling Tool goes from Bullying/Aggressiveness   to   Healthy LOVE  to  Psychopathic Inferiority Complex  ( = Criminality), and everything in between.  For a preview go to:  "Happy Healthy Soulmate Love" chapter in




*HappyometerBehaviourometer (Blatter, 2004)  A  whole  Family  of Thermometer-like  HappyometerBehaviourometers  that allow YOU to let your loved ones know how you are FEELING at any given time... it`s as easy as reading a thermometer! Each HappyometerBehaviourometer comes with six (6) pages of FUN-filled, informative and amusing explanations on how EMOTIONS work, and how YOU can learn to control YOUR emotions rather than let them control you. For a preview go to:  

Ther-Mommy-o-meter Behaviourometer   for Women &/ or Mothers... $10 each

Daddy-o-meter Behaviourometer  for Men &/or Fathers... $10 each

Kid-o-meter color-me Happyometer/ Behaviourometer...  $6 each   (for kids over 5 yrs of age.  Order two for $10.)



*SUCCESS for Losers: Teaching Model (Blatter, 2003)  The Ben & Jerry`s Story/ Philosophy resumed into two (2) easy to read pages, $5. Learn how two unambitious guys whose only goal in life was to earn at least a "survival living" while having FUN and enjoying life stumbled upon the Basic Success Principles unwittingly. Since Money-Fame-Power SUCCESS only entails approximately 13% of LIFE SUCCESS, a copy of the LIFE SUCCESS (Living a Successful Life) Teaching Model is included FREE so you don`t turn out to be another Casualty of Success.          To preview the "SUCCESS for Losers: Teaching Model" go to:


*Think, DO, and Grow Rich (Blatter, 2004)  Two (2) pages, $5.  Learn how to use the creative powers of  your mind to invent, innovate and create new products, services and needs that humanity desperately requires. EVERYTHING you see in the world was created by someone`s creative mind, it all began with a concept, and a BELIEF in something constructive, whether in: Art,  Academics, Athletics, Business,  Consumer Products,  Politics,  Philosophy, Philanthropy, Religion, Science... you name it.

Whatever the mind of man (or woman) can conceive and believe,  it can achieve.

Unfortunately many innovative ideas were not recognized until years after the death of the innovator, therefore it is imperative that you learn how to  think independently from group think, (mob rule), and become independent from the good opinion of others...  come hell or highwater.  "Rich" does not necessarily mean nor guarantee Money, Fame or Power in the short-term, this is why the LIFE SUCCESS Teaching Model is included FREE.


LIFE SUCCESS/ Self-Actualization

*LIFE SUCCESS (= Living a SUCCESSFUL LIFE) Teaching Model (Blatter, 2004)  Contrary to media hype and advertising propaganda (read brainwashing), there is far more to SUCCESS than Money, Fame & Power.

Research on Death and Dying, HAPPINESS,  The Rich and Famous... and even on depression  and  suicide clearly demonstrates that Money-Fame-Power SUCCESS only constitutes approximately 13% of LIFE SUCCESSFREE with any purchase. Download FREE from www.HappinessStressandSuccess.com




*LOVE  ("Healthy LOVE can take you FAAARR")  One (1) page, FREE with any purchase. Can also be downloaded FREE from the Happy Healthy Soulmate Love chapter at:



Health & Fitness = WELLNESS

*Wellness Teaching Model (Blatter, 2004) One page, $5. Clear and concise, easy-to-read and understand resumé of Longevity and Wellness Research clearly outlining what Healthy Lifestyle habits are, and how you can optimize your lifestyle ENJOYABLY. Covers: Heredity, unknown factors (including chance/ bad luck), Nutrition, Lifestyle and Physical Activity/ Exercise). A MUST READ for every household! Order YOURS Today!  Please go to:  www.FITNESSwithPLEASURE.com


* 24 hr LIFESTYLE/ ACTIVITY Log  (Blatter, 2004) One page, $5. A Revolutionary New Approach to Wellness, Fitness and Behavior Modification. This ingenious Counselling Tool/ Teaching Model allows you to easily track in a daily graphic log form, how much time you spend: Sleeping, Eating, Sedentary, and Exercising/ Physically Active.

Make photocopies and record your Lifestyle/ Activity habits for a whole week, a month, or even longer. This Revolutionary, hassle-free Counselling Tool/ Teaching Model allows YOU and your Fitness/ Health/ Behavior Modification Specialist to accurately track and log your Lifestyle, Activity Level, Sleeping Patterns, and Eating Habits in order to help pinpoint exactly where your Wellness challenges lie. 

Excellent for:  Weight Loss,  Fitness,  Smoking Cessation,  Insomnia,  Anger Management,  Depression... addictions of all types... or virtuallly any other Behavior Modification challenge!  Get your copy today and start making Healthy Lifestyle improvements right away!  Please go to: www.FITNESSwithPLEASURE.com


*FITNESS with PLEASURE Diet: Two pages, $5. Put an end to the endless barrage of Fad Diets! This sensible Food Guide will teach you how to make healthy, delicious, intelligent food choices without bizarre restrictions. Enjoyable, Sensible Balance and Moderation are the keys promoted. Learn how to eat everything and just about anything with Balance and Moderation the WELLNESS way. Don`t delay. Start right away!  Please go to:  www.FITNESSwithPLEASURE.com


World Peace

* The "GUUT" Theory of Religion, Science, Psycholgy & Philosophy  (Blatter, 2004).   The Great Unified Universal Theory of Religion, Science, Psychology & Philosophy synthesizes and harmonizes the different Belief Systems of the world into an easily understood  four (4) page Teaching Model or Counselling Tool promoting PEACE, MUTUAL RESPECT, Harmony and Understanding. An indispensable tool for creating HAPPINESS and to promote World Peace. Should be required reading for EVERYONE! 

Four (4) pages of graphic representations clearly describing how ALL PEACEFUL RELIGIONS, Science, Psychology and Philosophy are interrelated and intertwined.  For HAPPINESS and LIFE SUCCESS you require an OPEN HEART and OPEN MIND to ALL PEACEFUL beliefs. FREE with any order, or download FREE from:  www.HappinessStressandSuccess.com


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Counselling Tools

Rick Blatter, B.Ed., M.Sc.

C.P. 1553,   Dept. CT
Succ.  St-Martin  Stn.
Laval, QC   H7V 3P8


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